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I worked heres, and got pneumonia, and almost died. My boss steve kessler fired me for my disability.

Then his boss larry haley backed it. I say boycott this place, They are racists, and they discriminate against people. This is sick and wrong. I lost my house, job, almost lost my life, all from the people of this horrible company.

I couldnt help being sick, i was in the hospital for 2 months, and they couldve at least given me disability. Why fire me. Sick. I also called the owner, temple sloan.

Hes on the board of directors at bank of america too. Hes as crooked as it gets.

Go figure, a banker being crooked. Hes getting his, with the banks going under.

Monetary Loss: $3.

Store Location: East Peoria, Illinois

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no, i personally know this case. Its not fake.

this man was sick, like he said. Nerd you are a mickey mouse. Get your facts straight.

You dont know this situation, and have no right saying that. Pneumonia kills many every year

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