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After contacting Carquest they have agreed to pay for all the repairs which were about $1,000! In the end the major component that did cause this was that the store installed the battery and failed to reprogram the car (or even mention this).

I can\'t be more then happy with the outcome of this. Thanks Carquest!

Original review posted by user Jul 09, 2012

Sept of last year I visited car quest in Raleigh NC for a new battery for my 2006 BMW 525i. Told the rep my make model etc and they gave me the battery the computer told them too which cost $120.

When they tried to install it the rep found out it would not fit in the box so he tried another one which cost $30 more. So away I went with that battery and never thought I would have a problem until the other day. When driving I heard this loud pop, thought I just ran over something but I was wrong! When I try to start my car the next time it wouldn't start.

The engine looked fine so I look at the battery in the trunk. To my surprise I see burnt cables and the positive charge cable blown off! I had to get the car towed to a repair shop which they said they gave me the wrong battery as the car was overcharging it so it finally litterly just blew! Repair shop estimate is upwards of $600 for new cables and battery!

I'm so pissed at carquest for giving me the wrong battery! The car could have caught on fire because of this!

Store Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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A battery will not make a car over charge a altanator will get a clue. And down goes the bullshi@ card on this one. A fues would pop first


*** hopper you still have much to learn the computer controls the charging system on these cars and ramps up the power as the battery ages When installing a new battery you must tell the ECM this so it will properly charge which can't be done with a pocket scanner. I would find it hard to believe that it would cause damage like this


Go to SEARS for battery :) :) :) :)

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