As an Ex-Employee of CARQUEST and now customer, I needed to tell people out there that the last post on CARQUEST being Racist, Etc. Completely False!

I worked as a Salesman/Manager from 1986-2001. I and 20 some employees out of 2 stores in town were treated as if we were partners. In Fact ESOP. Which is employee stock ownership program was offered to me as a salesman/manager and the money was matched or profit each company made I got percentage.

If I was 22 at the time by putting 200 a month in I was guaranteed a Million dollar retirement at age 65! You know ABSOLUTELY TRUE AT THE TIME. the owner of CARQUEST introduced himself to me and us small guys PERSONELLY. Not Racist our Manager of the year in Roundup was a woman!

1993! way back then! We had many respectable intelligent Lori Trafords in company! which every parts man needs.

In fact I'd like to have her now!

The guys wrong. Charlie Bright

Reason of review: They were slandered by last consumer and I wanted to tell people the true 12 years of working there experience for rebuttle.

Carquest Auto Parts Pros: Owner, Jerry u, Steve m, You guys ukwho, Always payed on time, Customers.

Carquest Auto Parts Cons: Not price competetive.

Store Location: Great Falls, Montana

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